I see a shroud of mystery

Concealing what is to come

Inducing terror and worry

To which many will succumb

I see the pain of the past

Erupted in the once starry sky

Scattering debris across the air

In this world of dirt and lies

I see the swirling smoke

In the aftermath of destruction

I see the cycles of a spinning sphere

That I may never again place my trust in

But I see something of a new beginning

And though struggles won't be replaced

It resembles refreshing opportunity 

Awaiting in another place

I see souls soaring afar

Symbolic of all that could be

And all that has departed

That our eyes never again will see

Yet in the midst of indigo and black

I shall not conform to the dark

I choose to be the only glowing light

And that is when I see my heart

The Disservice

Dim lights flicker down deserted hallways

Ringing phones echo in empty living rooms

Memories are painted in tears beside trembling toes.

Scentless candles fizzle wearily,

The last of their swirling smoke flows

effortlessly through the hole inside my heart.

Your soul was special but your mind was nervous

Giving up your life was the greatest disservice

Always a Storm

Hear the whispers of fear within the air

For in secrecy there is a storm somewhere

Despite the paradise you may find

On the journey to discover peace of mind

The darkness in the distance 

Knows no resistance.

Before rain, pain and shame 

What does peace mean to you?

Is it luxurious solitude beneath a sky so blue?

Weather is unstable, never permanent.

Just as the days of our lives, where complete peace is rare

There is always a storm somewhere.

The Moon Was Hidden

Assuming a special spot beneath stars

Gazing fondly upon constellations afar

I yearned for my daily pain to be ridden

Only to discover that the moon was hidden.

The lunar aura lies light years forth

I'm lucky it was ever revealed

Tonight the sphere sleeps

As blankets of clouds keep it concealed.

Is it a captivating crescent, or is it full?

No man knows.

With graciousness I wonder of this nightly gift forbidden

Only science can offer a reason for why the moon was hidden

Of Dawn and Dusk

What of dawn and dusk

In the dry, desolate desert?

Where rivers cease to shimmer

And one can only picture pleasure

What of dawn and dusk

In the city deprived forever?

Where a soul of seven years

Is a miracle for all to treasure

What of dawn and dusk

In the midst of bad weather?

The sun rises and sets in vain

If we aren't there to enjoy it together

The Crying Clown in the Circus

Have you ever heard the story

Of the crying clown in the circus?

Strolling down the tightrope

While postulating his purpose

Though he thrived on thrill

Through the tricks that he touched

One must wonder -- A clown?

No man's destiny is such!

Wildfires of laughter

Erupted high as heat could rise

At the one who used paint

To cover the tears beneath his eyes

He yearned for genuine acceptance

Though he did all he could

Long live the crying clown in the circus

Who no one ever understood

Spoiled Scenery

As the tide merges with the shore

And the sea sparkles beyond the sand

Imagination flows and finds flaws

Only the righteous understand

Soaked with sweat in the scorching sun

Sweet and sophisticated it seems

But even a perfectly painted picture

Cannot capture my dreams

Magic and mystery are spoiled when seen

But not shared among similar souls

My other half meanders in the midst

Of the heated passion of my goals

Through pain I envision ecstasy

Spoken in steam across the mirror

Destiny and dreams divided by deception

And in time it becomes clearer

Fuzzy fantasies and goosebumps

Before the warm crackle of the flame

Though clouds roll on and memories fade

Love remains the same

Doctrines of the Deep End


Of Mistakes

(missing content)

What to make of mistakes

When they glare with grimacing glance

What good is a lesson learned

If that was my only chance

To Use Heart


My mission is to use heart

And all the hope it can bestow

Upon the forsaken who forever yearn

To see their own hearts glow

Plump with poetic passion

Was this budding heart of mine

Until it was torn apart

By those who fear to see it shine


(Missing content)

A man who does not feel

Is a man who does not know


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Her presence is warmer than the rising sun

Her absence is as chilling as the arctic breeze

Her grace manifests and grows

Captivating me with ease

Love Against the Wind


Testament Pt. I

An ambitious apostle armed to alleviate apathy

and blank brains blind to beacons bright as can be

Chronicles of creativity conceived to captivate with care

Distilling dreams of destiny while drifting in depths of despair


You are the pinnacle of my admiration
My idol, hero and muse
The one who could clear the air
When the fog of doubt left me confused
Your absence leaves me deranged
Stumbling and struggling to stand
I fear I may eventually fall for good
Before you truly understand
The privilege of seeing your smile
Leaves me at a loss of words to say
Eternally I will bask in your brilliance
With enough passion to dream the night away
Please move past my nervousness
I confess I am insecure
Just offer me the chance to show you
That this heavy heart is pure
Unlimited potential is in our grasp
With only one path to my defeat --
I would give you my own heart
If yours struggled to beat.
In my clearest visions
We shall ride the same course
And I could endure any cold day
Knowing I would come home to your warmth
You are the pinnacle of my admiration
My idol, hero and muse
My fantasy is you and I, ride or die
You are all I fear to lose

When Dreams Fail


The mind is traumatized by fear

                      When your dreams fail

Enter tragic visions of agony

                      When your dreams fail

But if you learn from pain of the past

                      When your dreams fail

You shall blossom with heart and wisdom 

                      And your dreams will prevail

To Dream


What if I told you dreams were a distraction

But simultaneously our truest missions?

That means reality is simply an obstacle

A method of impairing our vision

Happiness means not of wealth

Happiness means not to falsely believe

To be happy is to dream

And to do so with every second we breathe

Dreams of colossal creations

Will make reality unbearable pain

And for those who don't dream

The portrait on their canvas will be plain

Some will paint a masterpiece

Some will never be admired in awe

But I would rather paint a picture too good to be true

Than to have never painted at all


(Missing content)

Earth, wind and fire

Unfulfilled desire

Many salivate at success

With breaths of envy and greed

They will never succeed.

Hell for a Dreamer


Its hell for a dreamer

In the land of common fate

Through complications based on pressure 

And ambitions fueled with hate

Its hell for a dreamer

Immersed in disillusion

Forced to resist the rapture 

For I am captured in confusion

A cruel and crippling crime

A fantasy with a twist

To imagine intimate sensations

Only to learn they don't exist

When Reality Lies


Reality is a distraction

An obstacle to my dreams

The more hopeful my imagination

The more hopeless my life seems

How could there be such gruesome pain

From simply opening my eyes

And learning the world I dream of

Exists only in lies

I guess I must accept this

And learn to differentiate the two

And remember that when reality lies

Always stay true to you


After fire comes rain
After pleasure comes pain
Witness the budding lotus flower
Blossom and change
In the midst of mystery and darkness
Beneath the rising crescent
Beaming with brilliance upon veins in dirt
And thus igniting their essence
Bask in these cycles of secrecy
Under the swirling smog above
Its violet haze and scarlet serenity
Exposes the phantasm of love

Shoot for the Moon


When all seems hopeless

And you have nothing to lose

Abandon the earth

and shoot for the moon

Unravel unknown potential

And secrets of who you truly are

And if you must miss the moon

You shall land in seas of stars 

There's a man swimming in stars!

Who on earth is that guy?

He's not on earth. You should try it sometime.

How Far?


How far must I walk

To find a companion with whom I can talk?

How far must I drive

To discover a place where I can thrive?

How far must I fly

To soothe my soul before I die?

My destiny mustn't be hell, but only time will tell.

To Find Her

Forever my heart shall yearn

Of a partner to embrace for years

In this sea of silhouettes

I'll know as soon as her face appears

Through tribulations and travels

Many faces have I seen

And although attraction was instant

None could match the one of my dreams

Oh, that celestial twinkle in her eyes

Where is the other half of my soul?

To focus is my only option

To find her is my only goal

Trials of the Train



(Missing content)

He who discovers paradise

Has the world in his grasp

Why do you think they call them 'palm' trees

Sparks Within the Storm




Hope Within a Hamster Wheel


The Agony of my Heart




Signature in the Sand


Of Clay and Concrete